These paintings are shaped by the natural transitional forces observed in West Marin. Momentum and entropy work through water, wind, soil and weather silently, unconsciously, continually reshaping the edges between ocean, land, air and ground. The subtleties and appearance of landscape never stop changing, even though its essential shape endures. Cycles of seasons support a constant renewal of life as well as the ever present ubiquity of death. My visual studies in West Marin have underpinned my desire to explore these forces in painting. Transitional forces carry us across the changing landscape of our outer world as well as our inner world of light and dark, they are the beauty by which we travel whatever is in our heart.





Aestrea 59x61









Laskos 59x61









Fionphort 61x59









Solkaal 59x61








Freyden 61x59