Ecstatic Resonance

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Ecstatic Resonance describes the flow of heightened vibration between two energetic fields in a state of responsive passionate interplay. Brown’s paintings in this exhibition are different visual investigations of this expanded state of visceral and emotional consciousness brought about by an intensive exchange of energy. The paintings mainly take the form of large scale diptychs which provide suitable visual fields of non-centrality, the focus being the harmony between the physical momentum of fluid/explosive mark-making and the subtle actualization of the blissful relational dynamic.

Many many wonderful folks have made this possible: Victor Veysey is Super Gold Star!

Extra Special Thanks to Puffin and Robots Making Robots
Also Special Thank You to these wonderful people who have supported this process in many ways: Elaine Buckholtz, SOMA Residencies and Loni Leitaker,
Marja West, Kim Frances, Liz Walsh, Amy Louison, Monique Jaquez, Jimmy Hedges, Sharon Hennesssey,
Gustavo Alfredo Lopez and Cahill Winery & everyone at HANG!

Thank you to my many teachers and guides, special amazing beings !!

dedicated to WdR and JJ