Chrysalis 2008
Olivia Brown
Inspired largely by Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series, the work in the Chrysalis series attempts to imagine the invisible visible. What I have tried to do is use some terms relating to dark matter as a poetic basis for visceral interpretation of movement, space and matter at the unknown level. These paintings investigate the possible character and consciousness of space. Here are some loose descriptions of some pertinent terms:
A tachyon (from the Greek ταχυόνιον, takhyónion, from ταχύς, takhýs, i.e. swift, fast) is any hypothetical particle that travels at superluminal velocity. In simpler terms, they are particles which are faster than light.
Phantom energy is a hypothetical form of dark energy with equation of state w < − 1. If it exists, it could cause the expansion of the universe to accelerate so quickly that the Big Rip would occur.
In physical cosmology, baryogenesis is the generic term for hypothetical physical processes that produced an asymmetry between baryons and anti-baryons in the very early universe, resulting in the substantial amounts of residual matter that make up the universe today.
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I cannot emphasize enough that these images imagine rather than represent. I have no scholarly background in this field of science. What I did learn in my research for these paintings is that complex physics cannot be comprehended overnight. Thanks to all the Physicists out there!