Finding You Flying Again As Usual
Olivia Brown
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January 2005:

A mobile cloud of bird styles itself artfully over the buildings, electricity lines and palm trees. In their speed they are all grace and efficiency, moving as one then breaking off at the edges, returning, alighting another pathway, performing choreography of sudden change and satisfied distances. Arcing.

Interwoven dancers become Convocation, choreography of elements of a group uniting, partnering, and eventually taking flight together now as part of a circle, now in twos and threes. Unexpected splits, groupings, subtle articulations spill across the space of movement, ultimately as one moving force.

The birds, these dancers, the vectors of circularity, momentum and spatiotemporal consequence,
“……..that net
of happenstance, velleity and fate
that catches us together in this way:
the near-miraculous singularity
of the present moment.”

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Acknowledgements (poetry quoted from Don Paterson)
Thanks to Kristen Chappa and the LAB who sponsored this piece.